This is the companion blog to Romantic History, and here is where I document and organize research, fashion inspiration, favorite websites pertaining to historic costuming, share patterns, tutorials and techniques and, of course, show off finished costumes! My friend and fellow historic fashion enthusiast Christina has kindly consented to share here, so be sure to look for posts by her - she has a wonderful knowledge of period styles and a delightful way of writing. I am so pleased she has agreed to partner with me in writing this blog!

It seems that more and more historic costuming is gaining widespread popularity. In this modern age where it is fashionable to be "different", it is easy to see why almost anyone can gain inspiration from bygone fashions. The up and coming Steampunk look definitely has helped push along mass public acceptance of a Victorian-esque style. In the stores 1940's, 1950's and even 1960's styles are enjoying a fresh go round. Living historians, reenactors, museum docents and those of us who just like to put on a pretty dress to have tea or go on a picnic all can find so much to love in pre-modern styles. I definitely do!

There is a great online community of like minded costumers and I am thankful I can share in some small way some things I have learned as I have advanced in this delightful hobby. There is still so much to learn, to try, to do. The potential is truly endless! The inspiration never lacks. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and helping to spread the love! We've got an amazing heritage and I personally think this is a wonderful way to appreciate those people who came before us. It's all a great adventure and I'm so happy to be part of it.